This Vocaloid Makes People’s Music Heard

Music is your passion, only you don’t have the resources to make yourself known. You would need time and money to invest in better equipment, contact a record label and hire an artist to play your tunes. Your musical dreams could be doomed… if it weren’t for a Japanese vocaloid, a digital instrument capable of bringing your creations to life, through a voice synthesizer program.

Hatsune Miku is the name of the Voicaloid most known in Japan, with legions of fans and hundreds of performances around the world. She has a face, a voice and even moves, although you couldn’t call it a robot, anime character or hologram. Hatsune Miku is an instrument equipped with voice samples from actress Saki Fujita, ready to reproduce the music you make.

Crypton Future Media is the founder of the Voicaloid. They have given her a Japanese and English voice bank and a software that can help talented folks create videos for their songs using her dancing moves. With MikuMikuDance, you can make the 3D Hatsune dance along your track and in this way, put some motion in an otherwise dull clip.

Another big bonus Miku comes with is the possibility of tweaking her voice so she sounds exactly like you want her to. After releasing music with Hatsune, you can distribute it and sell it. But before all of that happens, you have to purchase the software for $150. 

In Japan, Miku has become so popular that a series of video games feature her – Project Diva and Project Mirai. Moreover, she caught the interest of Toyota and Google Chrome – they have used her in commercials and will be the leading lady of multiple shows in U.S. this year.

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