Whatsapp Limits Message Forwarding To Combat Fake News

Whatsapp Limits Message Forwarding To Combat Fake News


Whatsapp has now set a limit to how many users messages can be forwarded to – five contacts at a time, to be more exact.

Whatsapp chose to do this in order to try and keep hoaxes and rumors from spreading, as well as fake news. While the feature will not stop them from happening, it will at least slow the process.

The functionality initially appeared in India, following a number of mob lynchings that were blamed on the fake reports that had been spread through the app. In addition to that, people would receive numerous messages about earthquakes, fake job offers and other types of stories designed to cause panic about viruses and epidemics spreading through the country.

Following the situation, Whatsapp has slowly but surely begun to address the rampant misinformation happening across its platform. In addition to the recipient forwarding limit, the app also now features prominent labels for the forwarded messages and the option that only allows administrators to post messages in a group.

If these measures will make any difference at all in the long run, that remains to be seen.

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