Why a Mini LED iPad in 2020 is a Really Big Deal

Apple stuck with LCD. But time waits for no man and Apple knows they’ll have to step up their game very soon. Rumor is, they’re doing it this year. With the mini LED 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro. 

Don’t confuse it with OLED or MicroLED. It’s neither. It’s in between.

MiniLED is based on LCD but has plenty of the perks OLED has, with none of the downsides, like burn-in. As trendy as OLED is, it’s still an organic light-emitting diode. This means some static elements – like the menu bar on Apple devices – will constantly be lit and be damaged in time.  

It doesn’t happen often, but there’s still a risk. Apple’s one of the first big mobile manufacturers to not take that chance. Instead, they’re going with MiniLED.

Ok, ok, so it will cost more right? Not necessarily. MiniLED is, cost-wise, pretty close to OLED displays. But instead of getting 576 LEDs to light up the screen, you get about 10,000!

Where do they all go? At 100-200 microns, they fit rather well. They’ll also make the next iPad Pro thinner and lighter. 

The best part is not how much it will weigh, but how will it look. We’ll get a wider color gamut, higher contrast ratio and still count on HDR, thanks to the local dimming. The mini LEDs will still go into groups, but when you count on smaller LEDs and more groups, you have better control on dark and bright sections. 

Better contrast is a given, though you won’t get pure blacks.  What can I say? It’s a compromise. And Apple is very good at knowing when to compromise and when to smack us with a feature no one really loves, right?

In fact in the next 3 years, Apple is planning to get up to 6 mini LED devices out there. Not a bad bet; the only thing that could ruin their plan is MicroLED but that’s too expensive to consider for tablets and laptops.

Here’s why MicroLED is the end goal. MicroLED is that beautiful unicorn of displays. It’s self-emitting, no back-light nonsense. It’s so small you can fit millions of such LEDs in a display, not tens of thousands. 

Find out more micro and mini LED in the video above!

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