Why Elon Musk’s Pickup Truck Will Be Tesla’s Best Product Ever

Pretty soon, we might witness the craziest car project from Elon Musk yet. A pickup truck that’s nothing like you’ve seen in sci-fi movies or renders on the Internet. 

A cybertruck inspired by Blade Runner and apparently better than Ford F-150. 

Excited? Not as much as Elon is! The man is “fired up” by the project as it’s really his dream come true. As dreams go, he admits it’s not for everyone but meh, he doesn’t really care. 

But why isn’t it everyone’s first pick? Design. 

Tesla has kept the car under wraps, with the exception of one disappointing teaser. You can’t distinguish anything from it really. Buuuut Musk said this car is more of an armored personnel carrier than a conventional truck. 

This means two things: off-road capabilities and very aggressive lines. 

So far, Tesla cars have seduced with sleek lines and an understated elegance. So, this APC truck would definitely disrupt the line. It would be Musk’ first real off-road electric vehicle. Not bad, considering he does want to branch out and offer something for everyone. 

Musk is not just challenging his team design-wise, he is asking them to manufacture the pick-up truck for less than $50,000! 

Check out the features this pickup truck is said to have in the video above! We’ll see how they pan out very soon, as the unveiling date should be in early November.

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