With Google Gboard You Can Create a ‘Mini’ You By Taking Selfies

Credit: Google

You’re welcome to still use your Bitmoji sticker collection to send your friends the best reactions to a conversation, but you might want to try out the latest feature too.

Google launched the ‘Mini’ stickers, available for both iOS and Android, which use machine learning to create personalized emoji from your own photo. The feature combines machine learning, neural networks and artist illustrations that work together to create a cartoony version of you.

It takes into account your skin tone, hair and eye color, face shape and facial hair. All you have to do is access Mini from the Gboard and, by taking a selfie, you can start the creation process. The feature will create your avatar and also generate entire packs of stickers for you to use.

The Mini is capable of creating 100 sticker styles with just your personalized avatar so you will have all the reactions you need, with your face pasted on them, at your fingertips.

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