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MacBook Pro Concept Offers a Futuristic Alternative To The Keyboard

Credit: Furkan Kasap

We know that Apple is working on improving its MacBook Pro line, but the concept that came around recently does not come from the company, but they might as well be paying attention. The concept is the product of Turkish designer Furkan Kasap. He reimagined the keyboard altogether and made it a home to Apple’s default apps.

The designed reintroduced the function keys and the Touch Bar provides an app switching environment alongside a product-specific set of programmable keys. Under it, you can find the standard keyboard, which has been wrapped around the trackpad. The trackpad itself has been relocated to the right side, though it diminished in size.

Credit: Furkan Kasap / YouTube

The only big issue with the design is the fact that the keyboard is a full-touchscreen, which might annoy some purists who believe that, without a physical keyboard, we might lose the ‘feel’ of typing. The Haptic functions do a good job at simulating keypress, but we all know it’s not the real thing. Most people guide themselves by the key edges while typing and Apple still has to find a way to give the users a feel of those edges, even when they are not being pressed.

All in all, the concept looks very interesting, but as most concept designs, it seems more interested in design, rather than function. Even so, I would not be surprised if some bits of it do appear in the future MacBook designs in a couple of years.

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