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From Word To Pixel: Watch Pixar Bring Wall-E To Life

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It’s fascinating to get a glimpse of a script after it was turned into a full-fledged movie or TV show. It’s an opportunity to see exactly how the writers pictured every scene, emotion and gesture. But that gets even more interesting when we’re talking about animations like Wall-E from Pixar, where the robots’ bleeps and bloops actually represent entire conversations #machinemagic

Yep – the screenwriters actually thought about Wall-E and Eve’s lines during the movie. What we hear as a series of different sounds is actually an entire dialogue on paper. Thanks to the animation studio’s Script to Screen series we can now see the thought process the team went through and the final result.

Don’t know the series? Well, every episode tackles a scene from an animation, showing the script lines created for it. In this way, you can see the words coming to life, turned into pixels.

The scene for Wall-E “leaked” by Pixar is the one below:

Turns out the robots humans use for their own needs are more excited to be “alive” than their creators. The irony, right?!

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