Xiaomi 12 Will Be the Most Powerful Phone of 2021

Xiaomi 12, one of the phones I was most excited to see in 2022, will be released sooner. How soon? This year actually, making it the most powerful phone of the year 2021.

Xiaomi 12 is a phone I imagined we’d have months in advance to discuss so you’d have a better idea about what to buy next year. Seeing as Xiaomi had already launched the Mi 11 flagship series this year, it was safe to assume that the sequel would drop mid Spring 2022, either at the same time or after the Samsung S22 series launch.

Xiaomi 12: Most Powerful Processor Around

Well, guess what? Xiaomi 12 will steal Samsung’s thunder.

Believe it or not, the company is already gearing up to announce the Xiaomi 12 series. This is one series that’s bound to leave its mark as the most powerful of the year.

It should be the first to debut Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon chip. The 898 processor will come on stage at the end of this month and Xiaomi plans to be the first phone manufacturer to put it on the market. Only a Moto handset could beat them to the punch although it can make the same waves a Xiaomi launch can.

Considering Xiaomi 12 will debut in China this December, we can expect to see the phone hit other markets come January (ahead of Samsung, still).

What’s interesting to notice is that Xiaomi isn’t banking only on a fast processor to gain traction.

Xiaomi 12: Display and Camera

For one, the design will be sleeker than ever; imagine a higher screen-to-body ratio and a smaller punch hole camera. The display will start at 6.8-inches and offer adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. That means the phone will know when to pump up the refresh rate and when to save you some battery.

Then, cameras will not leave you disappointed. The vanilla Xiaomi 12 model will have a 50MP main camera sensor with a 50MP ultrawide camera. The rear camera will be able to capture 1920fps slow motion videos with 5 axis stabilization throughout.

Samsung will be the one to provide the sensors. The GN5 sensor is likely the one Xiaomi will choose, levelling the field once and for all.

The Pro and Ultra versions are expected to ship with a periscope camera, as well, one that will give you at least 5x optical zoom. The only inconvenience is that these two phones are set to come next year. 

Xiaomi 12: Pro and Ultra, Battery Upgrade

Right now, Xiaomi is eager to get out one phone, the easiest to make and sell. That way, the company can boast being the first one to launch phones with the 898 chip. However, they can’t rush production on the more Pro models which is why those two are gonna drop in February/March, if you ask me. 

The company’s competitive spirit will be felt when it comes to battery, too. Xiaomi 12 will likely come with a buff battery of 5,000mAh, something we normally see in Pro handsets or gaming ones.

Also, what would you say if I told you 100W wired charging is a go for Xiaomi 12? With 120W wireless to boot? Really, that’s actually what Xiaomi is trying to offer with their 12 series.

Xiaomi 12: Price

For Android users, this phone is going to be a sweet deal. Xiaomi 12 is set to be a beautiful, bezel-less handset with a ceramic back, adaptive refresh rate, and the most powerful processor on the market. Moreover, it’s gonna have kickass cameras and every single one of them is going to work at peak performance. You won’t have time to complain about a low battery either as the whole charging process will take place so fast!

Now, for all those features, Xiaomi will ask for a steep price. Rumor is the phone series will start at $900 and reach $1200.  

Would that be a reasonable deal or an expense you don’t need come holiday season?

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