Xiaomi CyberDog Shows Up 50 Times Cheaper Than Boston Dynamics' Spot
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Xiaomi CyberDog Shows Up 50 Times Cheaper Than Boston Dynamics’ Spot

Move over, Spot, because there’s a new robotic dog in town! The Xiaomi Cyberdog is here and is almost 50 times cheaper than Boston Dynamics’ famed hound.

Somehow, it’s also a lot more threatening-looking, despite Xiaomi wanting to introduce the Cyberdog as a cute robotic pet. Those strobing lights in the video definitely make it seem like it’s about to go start a manhunt.

Compared to Spot, which costs $75,000 and is sold to the military, health or mining industry, a Cyberdog will retail for RMB 9,999 (around $1500) and will be available to most robotic enthusiasts and engineers. That’s right, this robot dog costs as much as a smartphone!

In the beginning, Xiaomi will only release 1,000 CyberDog units into the wild but the competitive price-tag will definitely make it interesting to a lot of people.

The CyberDog will also have an open-source community dedicated to extending the functionality of the robot.

Unlike Spot, it’s also a lot lighter (3kg versus 5.2kg) and can run much faster, reaching 3.2 meters per second (Spot goes up to 1.6 meters per second).

CyberDog specs

The CyberDog is fitted with 3 USB-C and one HDMI connectivity ports, used to attach cameras, searchlights and lidar sensors.

Right now, there’s no word when the CyberDog will be released and if it will enter production for consumer use.

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Xiaomi CyberDog Shows Up 50 Times Cheaper Than Boston Dynamics’ Spot
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