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This Owlet Smart Sock Can Replace Baby Monitors

Baby monitors could soon be a thing of the past with the advent of smart socks, especially if you look at this one.

The Owlet Smart Sock Plus is the latest incarnation of a project that started back in 2013 on crowdfunding.

Back then, the smart sock looked more like a full-size boot, which, as parents know, would be a tricky thing to convince a child to wear, especially during the night.

Now, the Owlet Smart Sock Plus is so lightweight and minimalist, a child won’t even feel it.

This smart sock is capable of monitoring the heart rate, blood oxygen level and sleep patterns of babies and children up to 5 years old and 55 pounds in weight.

Owlet Smart Sock Plus readings
Owlet Smart Sock Plus readings

Those stats will be then neatly organized in charts and graphs, so the parents can have a better overview of their babies’ overall sleep trends and health metrics.

“For a complete picture of your child’s well-being, pair your Smart Sock Plus with the Owlet Cam to get the power of the Monitor Duo. Stream live, HD video to your phone from anywhere while you track your child’s well-being,” says Owlet.

A full set, which comes with three sock sizes and a base station that works as a wireless charger, costs $359. To that, parents will have to add another $159 for a camera monitor.

Existing customers who own the Smart Sock 3 can upgrade to this bundle for $69.

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This Owlet Smart Sock Can Replace Baby Monitors
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