Galaxy Z Flip 3: Tougher, Cheaper, Impossible To Resist?

After months of talk, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is finally here! It’s time to see what rumors were made official, which were not and what are the best things about the 2021 flip smartphone from Samsung.

In our Need to Know show, we covered the best things we expected the Z Flip 3 to come with. Many of them came true, with one big exception: there was no Galaxy Z Flip 3 Lite in sight.


There was, however, a much larger outer display, as we predicted. The 1.1 inches screen the first Z Flip debuted with was replaced by an 1.9-inches one that allows users to do much more than preview notifications and see time. The display allows next to the cameras allows you to capture video and even use Samsung Pay which is the company’s proprietary payment system.

Another rumors that came true refers to the amount of memory we would get. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t bump it to 12 gigs so we are back to the “classic” 8GB with up to 256GB storage, non-expandable.

Cheer up, lads! I’m happy to report we were wrong regarding the Snapdragon chip. Samsung managed to outfit the Z Flip 3 with an 888 SoC, therefore giving this device the best in terms of power. We were also right about the price change the company was considering but more about that, a bit later.


Right now, let’s see other welcomed features for users (and Samsung’s way of showing they can not only listen to feedback but react to it accordingly).

The internal screen is tougher than ever – the Z Flip 3 now comes with a 6.7-inches AMOLED display that has a protective PET film and new panel layers, increasing its durability by 80%. It also comes with an 120Hz adaptable refresh rate which we couldn’t be more thankful for.

The new Flex Model Panel means apps will finally react to the flipping and unflipping of the device. Playback controls will go to the bottom of a screen when viewing a video, for example.

The camera may have stayed the same but the stereo speakers were upgraded.


And now, coming back to price. Friends, the Galaxy Z Flip 3′ price was lowered significantly. A month ago, we were right to believe the phone would sell for around $1000 or so. The starting price of the device is $999, which is about $400 less than its predecessor.

Looking forward to the Thom Browne Z Flip 3 edition? Pre-orders will start for those models on August 11, although the price is yet a mystery.

What do you think about that? If you’re inclined to give this phone a go, look for it in stores on August 27 in one of four colors (cream, green, black, lavender) or go for an exclusive white/pink/gray handset on Samsung’s official website.

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Galaxy Z Flip 3: Tougher, Cheaper, Impossible To Resist?
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