Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Is Going to Be the Biggest Threat to Samsung Galaxy S21

In the absence of Huawei, one Android phone maker made its way through the sea of phones and is coming on top this end of the year: Xiaomi. Mi 11 Pro has everything to rival Samsung Galaxy S21 and might even become the best Android phone of 2021!

That’s a bold thing to say, some of you might think. However, based on what we’ve found out so far, Xiaomi has pretty good odds of taking the smartphone throne next year. 

Huawei has taken Samsung head on so far, but because of US pressures, their business is going downhill. They were just forced to sell Honor if you didn’t know.

On the other hand, it seems chipmakers can once again sell to Huawei as long as the units don’t go anywhere near their 5G business. It will definitely going to be a bumpy road for Huawei in the years to come. 

Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s been having a smooth sailing. And to be honest, the company hasn’t relied on their competitors misfortune to get ahead. 

They’re hard-workers, cranking up phones while other Android makers rely on popularity and snarky commercials. So, is it really a surprise that Mi 11 Pro stands to outshine Galaxy S21? Not really. Especially with what Xiaomi has in store in terms of camera.

As we all know and have to admit, cameras make or break a phone. They are the main things we look for in a good phone. And considering that iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone just launched, managed to equal Mi 10 Pro, in a Dxo Mark evaluation, it makes sense that the Mi 11 Pro will take the cake next year. 

Rumor is Mi 11 Pro is gonna have a 48MP ultra-wide camera and a 108MP wide… at the very least. There are folks hoping for a 192MP one which – you know – would knock our socks off… but even a 108MP would be impressive. 

The selfie shooter is up in the air right now, at least in terms of specs, but physically, it’s gonna be in the upper left corner. For those of you who are into shooting videos, OIS should get better and hey, it’s the little things that count, right?

Not so little is going to be the display.

Watch the video above to find out more about the display, battery life, pricce and performance!

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