Is Xiaomi Mi Explorer 8 Gorgeous Back an Actual Window or a Sticker?

Quite a few months passed since Xiaomi revealed the Mi 8 Explorer edition but the heated discussion still goes on: is that a sticker on the back or the actual components of the flagship phone?

Fortunately, the YouTube channel iFeng Tech managed to post a Mi 8 Explorer Edition teardown from start to end, settling the debate once and for all.

As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. The Mi 8 Explorer Edition doesn’t have a sticker on it but you can’t really see the motherboard. Instead, under the transparent cover, you can see a fake mainboard with resistors and capacitors, with the actual mainboard underneath.

Still, for those hoping for something that sticks to the same principles as a skeleton watch, Xiaomi did step up to offer something: the false motherboard is used for the NFC module.

To see exactly how Xiaomi designed the eye-popping Mi 8 Explorer Edition, watch the teardown above.

However, the back is just aestethics, what’s under the hood is the real star.

Coming with a 20 MP selfie shooter with plenty of beautification options and a dual rear camera with two 12 MP sensors capable of shooting slow motion and 4K, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition is one of the most promising Snapdragon 845-powered flagships.

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