OnePlus Ace 2 Pro Will Have A Whopping 24GB RAM – But Do You Need That In A Phone?

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While if you ask most consumers what they expect from their phone they’d say a better camera or a bigger battery, perhaps even a replaceable one, Android phone manufacturers are obsessed with RAM.

A new report from GSMArena confirms that the rumors are true and that the upcoming Android flagship OnePlus Ace 2 Pro will have 24GB of RAM – a serious bump from most flagships that come with 16GB of RAM.

You can see the specs in the marketing image below and what else to expect from this device.

oneplus ace 2 pro 24gb of ram poster

According to AnTuTu, the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro will also come with 1TB storage onboard, a generous amount of storage but not one unseen today.

Still, it’s undoubted that when OnePlus will reveal the Ace 2 Pro officially on August 16, a lot of bandwidth will be dedicated to those 24GB of RAM but one question remains: is that even necessary?

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Considering that even advanced video editing apps run great on phones with 8GB of RAM, and that Android limits background app usage in order to optimize the battery, those big numbers only look good on paper and will have little to no impact on user experience.

One anonymous commenter on GSMArena said “They can give 1 TB ram if they want; they’ll still be killing off apps in the background!” and posted this test of actual RAM management on an Android phone.

YouTuber Gary Explains posted this video one year ago, when the Android market consisted of phones with 6GB, 8GB, 12GB or 16GB of RAM at the flagship level. His watchers considered that 6GB of RAM is more than enough for most users but that 8GB is the optimum choice if chasing a futureproof experience.

Is that enough? How much RAM does your phone have?

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