This Company Shows You Can Have The Ultimate User Experience On A Single Device

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With every product launch, innovations and updates are introduced, problems are solved and more need is created. As advanced as a product is, it still comes with its share of downsides so you always find yourself compromising in the shop. But do you have to? A new company with old roots, Xperi, doesn’t believe so. In fact, it wants to show that a technological ecosystem can offer the ultimate user experience on a single device #todaymagic

Think about the last time you waited eagerly for a smartphone launch – a couple of features left you in awe, others confirmed what you already knew and a bunch of them didn’t rise to the expectations at all. Since there’s no such thing as all-around-great smart devices, you probably settled for something that covered most of your needs. That’s because most companies are so focused on winning “wars” and showing off that they’ve forgotten an essential thing: the user gives the verdict. 

Looking at the competition, following in its steps or doing the opposite is a no-brainer but can it offer a complete UX? Hardly. It’s the combined force of several companies, each expert in its own field, that can create a technology ecosystem capable of satisfying almost all the users’ needs. 

Xperi is forged from four different companies that represent the best in their respective fields. You have FotoNation, an enterprise that provides computer vision and computational imaging solutions for mobile devices, DTS, a premium audio solutions provider, Invensas, a leading manufacturer of  semiconductor packaging and interconnect technologies and Tessera, renowned provider of  licensing technology and intellectual property.

Together, they form a business model that can enable electronics suitable for every user. Why settle for a super fast device with a small battery? Or why buy a phone with a great camera sensor but barely decent software? Xperi, for one, is refusing to compromise.

The company wants to provide the ultimate user experience and chances are, it’s going to succeed. Xperi can harness FotoNation’s algorithms to understand and enhance images in magical ways, DTS’ solutions to shape sound and deliver unrivaled experiences and Invensas’ technologies to act as a foundation for them all. The company is sourcing expertise that can benefit the user first and foremost. 

It’s not the only company that’s starting to understand how important UX is in developing devices, either. Google has started crowdsourcing Pixel 2, LG quit the modular route after understanding that users’ needs come first and Intel is acquiring talent that can help them remain relevant in the automotive, drone and even wearable industries.

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