Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S8 Price, Color Range and Headphones

samsung galaxy s8 colors price

There are less than 10 days to go until the official reveal of Samsung Galaxy S8 (and S8 Plus)... but leaks are still pouring in. What’s left to know about the flagship phone? Color options, accessories like headphones and, most important of all, price #mobilemagic

March 29 won’t be a day of surprises, if we consider the rumor mill of the past month. You’ve found so far the sizes of Galaxy S8 and its bigger brother, S8 Plus,  their processor, RAM and video recording capability, as well as the biometric systems the devices are set to come with , not to mention the overall design. All you pretty much want now is to test the device for yourself and, if the case, buy it. But haven’t you forgot a step? The retail price!

Leaker Evan Blass was after the same detail that ultimately helps users make up their mind. During the weekend, he finally tweeted the rumored price of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus:

It seems that these babies will cost more than the 32GB iPhone 7, which goes on sale at around €760. The VR accessories will come at 129€ and 229€, respectively. You’ll have to decide in nine days whether the handsets are worth the steep prices.

Blass also revealed the three colors of the Samsung smartphones, ‘black sky,’ ‘orchid grey’ and ‘arctic silver’:

The line ditches trendy, bright colors in favor of somber shades. What Samsung is sticking with, despite of the competition’s strategy, is the headphone jack. This recurring rumor fits with leaked images of the AKG headphones that are set to come with the devices. Vietnamese site Techrum has published the photos, showing off the noise-cancelling black pair with built-in controls for volume and the option to turn the microphone on and off.

What do you think: are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus bound to be the best smartphones this year?

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