Yelp Update Puts The Apple Watch Compass To Good Use

Yelp Update Puts The Apple Watch Compass To Good Use

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Yelp is releasing a new update that will make use of the Apple Watch Series 5’s built-in compass. The company announced in a press release that the new feature will help the users by guiding them in the right direction of whatever business it is they were looking for. 

The compass in question will pop up on the bottom right-hand corner of the Yelp business listings. The compass will move along with the users in real time and provide them with information about how many miles or feet a business is from them at that moment. 

The feature will not be available for Apple Watch Series 4 or earlier users unfortunately but a few new updates will be instead. 

One of the new things the update brings about is personalized results. If you’ve indicated any personal preferences on the iOS Yelp app, the watchOS 6 version will reflect those customized results and the businesses that will show up will be labeled as ‘for you’. 

You’ll locate the label easily because it will use the same heart icon found on the iPhone app. 

The users with watchOS 6 present on older Apple Watch models will also find this new modern interface on their devices and the personalized results. In addition to that, Yelp will be closely mirroring the iPhone app experience as well. 

The new update should hit the App Store today. 

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