You Can Relax, ‘Cause This Study Says AI Won’t Take Your Job


All the reports and experiences about AI replacing jobs? This study says otherwise.

Even though there are widespread fears of AI being used to replace human workers or add pressure to increase productivity even more, a new study published in theINFORMS journal Management Science claims that such concerns aren’t really reflected in reality.

Yes, some tasks can be automated with AI and that can help some workers be more productive, but AI is slow to gain traction with senior knowledge workers.

“While one might think that less experienced workers should benefit more from the help of AI, we find the opposite — AI benefits workers with greater task-based experience. At the same time, senior workers, despite their greater experience, gain less from AI than their junior colleagues,” said Guodong (Gordon) Gao of Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and the study’s co-author.

The study, titled “Friend or Foe? Teaming Between Artificial Intelligence and Workers with Variation in Experience,” shows how knowledge workers with a lot of experience tend to distrust AI and do not use it for fear of its accuracy.

“This finding presents a dilemma: Employees with greater experience are in a better position to leverage AI for productivity, but the senior employees who assume greater responsibilities and care about the organization tend to shy away from AI because they see the risks of relying on AI’s assistance. As a result, they are not effectively leveraging AI,” said Ritu Agarwal, also a co-author of the study.

You can request a copy of their study here

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