Xiaomi Can Charge a Phone in 8 Minutes!

You Have to See It to Believe It: Xiaomi Can Charge a Phone in 8 Minutes!

For most of us, camera remains the biggest selling point of a smartphone today but battery life is a close second. Xiaomi knows that very well so the company has been working like crazy to improve charging speed. Now, they’ve managed to break all records by showcasing a full battery charging in just 8 minutes.

The new technology that helped Xiaomi make headlines is called HyperCharge. With HyperCharge’s 200W wired charger you can theoretically juice up a 4,000mAh cell in just eight minutes.

The company demoed this in a video with a custom build of the Mi 11 Pro.

According to the company, getting 10% of battery didn’t take more than 44 seconds (!) while achieving 50% battery amounted to three minutes of charging.

Xiaomi made a splash when it came to wireless charging, too. They showed how their 120W charger can help the same Mi 11 Pro custom build go to 100% battery life in 15 minutes. Curious to know how much time did it take Xiaomi to charge the phone up to 10%? Just one minute!

These unbelievable results took the tech world by storm and showed Oppo isn’t the only magic-wielder; even if the company is dreaming wide-eyed about air charging, a process during which there’s no need for cables or a charging pad. If you remember, Vivo is also taking big steps to ensure faster charging for their phones.

Whether Xiaomi is ready to take this tech to market or not, remains to be seen. It’s very likely we’ll have to wait a while until the chargers are ready to be shipped alongside Mi phones. When they do though, we’ll be one step closer to endless phone life.

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You Have to See It to Believe It: Xiaomi Can Charge a Phone in 8 Minutes!
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