YouTube Creator Who Deepfaked the Mandalorian Gets Hired by Lucasfilm

What starts as a parody and a hobby could turn out to be one’s big break. At least that happened in the case of Shamook, a YouTube creator who created a deepfake of one jaw-dropping moment in the crazy-successful series The Mandalorian.

@Shamook watched as Luke Skywalker was de-aged for the finale of The Mandalorian. His part in the series turned out to be monumental as Luke took Grogu under his wing, saving him and Mando in the last episode. Of course, to de-age Mark Hamill the studios invested a serious amount of money and work.

Well, the YouTuber created a deep fake of Luke in that particular scene of such quality, Lucasfilm was seriously impressed. In fact, for someone who hasn’t seen The Mandalorian season 2 finale, it’s pretty hard to tell which was aired out of the two.

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His skills were so appreciated by the company that they made him an offer and now Shamook is part of the Industrial Light and Magic division. His role? Senior facial capture artist.

The job offer and subsequent acceptance were confirmed by the YouTuber himself, adding that he won’t abandon his channel too soon: “As some of you may already know, I joined ILM/Lucasfilms a few months ago and haven’t had the time to work on any new YouTube content. Now I’ve settled into my job, uploads should start increasing again. They’ll still be slow, but hopefully not months apart.”

This is the deepfake video that acted as an audition tape for Lucasfilm:

Another pop-culture symbol who was transformed by the next-gen technology was Wonder Woman. Watch how Lynda Carter is de-aged to reprise her role in the 2017 movie led by Gal Gadot!

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YouTube Creator Who Deepfaked the Mandalorian Gets Hired by Lucasfilm
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