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ZMF Auteur: The Wood, Handcrafted Headphones That Are Individually Tuned


The Auteur headphones don’t feel like your regular, mass-produced headphones and rightly so. They are actually assembled and hand finished by the company’s craftspeople in Lyons, Illinois.

According to them, the sound of the headphones is individually tuned and each headphone is unique.

The headphones are a delight when it comes to the products used. To begin with, they come with two replaceable lambskin ear pads but the vegans out there also have the option of polyester and suede for both the ear pads and the headband.

The ear cups are hand finished from the user’s choice of Teakwood, Silkwood and African Blackwood, just to name a few.

It weighs around 470 grams altogether and the cables can be easily replaced by the user.

For this type of craftsmanship, you should expect the headphones to be on the pricier side. It’s no surprise that the standard Teak finish will make your wallet $1,600 lighter while the other wood finish options will cost even more.

If you do decide to purchase one, you’ll have to be patient though – there is a two to four week waiting list for them at the moment.

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