Zoom Now Has Virtual Escape Rooms... and The Office Reunion for A Virtual Wedding
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Zoom Now Has Virtual Escape Rooms… and The Office Reunion for A Virtual Wedding

Improvise, adapt, overcome – words to live by, especially since most activities now have to happen online.

Both an escape room organizer and the cast of the popular The Office series now managed to connect to fans using the popular video conferencing tool Zoom.

Escape rooms were among the first businesses and activities to be suspended during the worldwide coronavirus lockdowns.

Now, escape room company Puzzle Break created an entirely online version of The Grimm Escape, their most popular activity.

For $25 a person for groups between 4 and 6 and custom pricing options for larger groups (think team buildings), people can enter The Grimm Escape’s Zoom video call.

The Puzzle Break Zoom Game promises a 90-minute adventure game focused on puzzle-solving and collaboration.

Meanwhile, the cast of The Office also moved its shtick online, hosting a Zoom wedding with John Krasinksi at the helm.

Krasinksi’s YouTube show, Some Good News, once again reunited the cast of the cult show in an online special episode.

The seventh episode of the series features all of the show’s cast, from Steve Carell to Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey or Oscar Nunez.

Even better, Emily Blunt made a cameo, which was cool but not unexpected – since she’s married to Krasinski and living in the same home.

If you’re looking for a way to disassociate the idea of Zoom calls being essentially work, this is probably the funniest content to spawn from this productivity tool.

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