Zoom Product Update Includes Giphy Being Temporarily Disabled
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Zoom Product Update Includes Giphy Being Temporarily Disabled

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As part of its latest security updates, Zoom has decided to temporarily disable Giphy in its chat feature, without offering more specifics, just:

 “Once additional technical and security measures have been deployed, we will re-enable the feature.”

The recent security updates and user interface enhancements were announced during the “Ask Eric Anything” webinar.  The changes on the Zoom platform include screen sharing, consent for unmute – when a meeting host has muted a participant, they can no longer unmute that person without their consent – new audio for Waiting Rooms, multiple log in restrictions, and meeting information during screen share – which lets participants access meeting information, such as meeting ID, when sharing their screen.

The decision to temporarily remove GIPHY was meant to ensure strong privacy protection for users. According to the company, once additional technical and security measures will be in place, the feature will be enabled.

This move followed Facebook’s move to acquire Giphy for $400 million with plans to integrate it into Instagram, which we’ve recently reported.

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