AI Decodes Voynich Manuscript, World’s Most Mysterious Book

voynich manuscript

Artificial intelligence has started decoding the world’s most mysterious book. The Voynich Manuscript, a centuries’ old cryptic book has become intelligible to machines #machinemagic

Researchers from University of Alberta, Canada have used an AI to decipher a 600-year-old book no historians or scientists could make sense of. The Voynich Manuscript is a 240-page book filled with cryptic sentences and diagrams written in a strange language.

So, researchers used algorithmic decipherment to see if they could translate any of it. The AI established that Hebrew is the most probable language of origin source: “It turned out that over 80 per cent of the words were in a Hebrew dictionary, but we didn’t know if they made sense together,” said computational linguist Greg Kondrak.

By following that logic, some words could be translated to “farmer”, “light”, “air”, and “fire”, which, if you think about it, will fit into a botany textbook.

That said, the team is aware the work cannot progress further without the validation of historians. So, we’ll have to wait and see how human experts help the AI continue the decoding work.

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