Amazon Intends To Open 2000 Stores in U.S.

Amazon Go stores retail

Amazon Go is just the first surprising effort of online retailer Amazon to go offline. It seems that the company’s bigger goal is to open around 2.000 stores across U.S. #todaymagic

According to Wall Street Journal and close sources,  Amazon intends to conquer the physical retail market in U.S, too. The company hopes to open 2000 convenience and grocery stores in the immediate future. Just yesterday, you saw the first smart store from the future chain. This uses motion sensors and AI to keep track of the products taken from the store, as there’s no cashier or line. Customers simply use their app to enter the store and take out products. Receipts go directly to online consumer accounts. From there, the company can get an idea of consumer behavior easier.

Now, a couple of drive-thru stores are under construction in Seattle and plans for an European-style discount chain are being discussed. If all goes by the book, its Amazon Fresh service could gain a lot from these endeavors.

What do you think – is the company onto something with its Just Walk Out shopping experience? 

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