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CES 2017: UVify Draco, 100mph Modular Drone For Practical Racers

While the Cleo drone focused on form rather than function at CES, Uvify’s Draco appealed to the practical racers. The sleek drone is born for racing, as it is capable of reaching 100mph straight from the box #actionmagic

In Las Vegas, UVify brought a speedster worthy of an experimented racer. The Draco drone can easily fly up to 100mph, obliterating most competition in a drone race. You broke it already? Don’t panic! The modular design allows you to replace it with another piece in a jiffy. Unlike other consumer electronics present at CES 2017, Uvify’s drone is up for sale immediately, at the price of $499.

Tempting, right? One word of caution: if you’ve flown only camera drones so far, you’ll be shocked by the sheer agility of this UAV. Controlling Draco can be daunting but once you get the hang of it, you won’t look back.

Check out the inspiration for the drone that reminded (some of) us of Quidditch and Slitherin:


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