Finally! How To Download All Your Instagram Data

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After months of waiting, you can finally download your Instagram data with an official tool.

Facebook’s little brother Instagram released the “Data Download” tool just in time to comply with the upcoming GDPR legislation designed to give users control over their privacy.

To download your Instagram data, you’ll have to open a browser and go to the official Instagram website. Once you log in, you’ll be greeted by the new Privacy Policy and asked to review exactly what you share with Instagram.

instagram new data policy new privacy policy

Head to the “Privacy and security” section, write your email address and you should receive all your Instagram information in 2 days, tops! You can’t download your Instagram data via Android or iOS yet, but that feature is in the works.

The process is similar to the one employed by Facebook to allow users to download their private information. However, there’s not as much data to sift through! Instagram will only send you the info collected starting with December 2017; photos, videos, archived stories and uploaded contacts are the most important items.

That said, you’ll also be able to see your comments, likes, searches, account settings, as well as the usernames of everyone you follow or follows you.

As we said before, this move doesn’t come after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but as a measure to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation which comes into effect on May 25.

Under that regulation, upon request, every online company has to provide you with all the data they collected on you.

It even allows you a “right to be forgotten”, which forces the company to delete all your personal information.

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