Google To Launch VR OLED Display With Highest Resolution Ever

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Google might be in hot waters with France right now, but that won’t deter them from launching a VR display to trump all others. At this year’s SID, the company is expected to take the stage and show an OLED display with wide FOV and the highest resolution ever seen #realitymagic

The conference’ name is in this case more than revealing: “18 Mpixel 4.3-in. 1443-ppi 120-Hz OLED Display for Wide-Field-of-View High-Acuity Head-Mounted Displays.” So what are we talking about here? After all, Samsung Odyssey and the next HTC Vive Pro are rumored to show off dual 1440 × 1600 resolution on 3.5 inch AMOLED displays at 90Hz.

Well, the tech giant’s VP of AR/VR Clay Bavor “threatened us” in 2017 to work on a product with “10x more pixels” than any VR display we can see on the market today and take for a spin. That means we’ll probably  be gifted a badass display with a resolution of around 5500 × 3000.

Such a feat comes with its struggles, of course. The performance challenges will be significant, as data rates could range from 50Gb to 100Gb/second with the current rendering configurations at our disposal.

How will the company surpass these obstacles? It remains to be seen. Fortunately for us, Google will talk more about their plans on May 22nd, so two months away.

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