Huawei New Li-ion Battery Has Double The Lifespan Of A Regular One

Huawei battery

Huawei made a breakthrough in consumer electronics batteries. Watt Laboratory, an organization under Huawei’s Central Research Institute, developed a graphene-assisted Li-ion battery that can withstand higher temperatures and can run much longer than any other Li-ion battery on the market #hardwaremagic

Researchers used a special additive in the electrolytes to remove water and avoid evaporation in high temps. Then, they added modified large-crystal NMC materials to thermally stabilize the cathode powder and graphene, a material that can improve the battery’s cooling properties. The result is a Li-ion battery that can function well in environments with temperatures of 60°C (140℉). The present upper limit is 50°C (158℉).

This achievement is going to change things on the automotive market too, expanding the range of electric cars in hot environments. It will also make a difference for drones, since their motors cause a lot of heat.

In preliminary tests, the battery has proven that it can be recharged 2.000 times at the maximum temperature of 140℉ and it will still preserve 70% of capacity. That’s outstanding and we can’t wait for Huawei to debut the battery in their devices. Until then, you might be able to check out their previous achievement with charging technology. It’s rumored that their next phone’s 3000mAh battery (to be unveiled in December) can be charged 48% in just 5 minutes.

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