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Intel Lost Its Crown As “World’s Largest Chipmaker”

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Intel has just lost its throne. The tech giant was replaced as the “world’s largest chipmaker” for the first time in 25 years.

For almost a quarter of a century, Intel reigned in the chip-making business. But times change and one of the most powerful manufacturers in the world of tech took its place by registering $67 billion in revenue last year (only the chipset division). Hint: their headquarters are in South Korea.

Yes, Samsung is now the world’s leading chipmaker, surpassing Intel with almost $5 billion in revenue. Although Intel reported an increase from 2016, it wasn’t enough to keep its top spot.

Of course, although both companies make processors, their markets are different. Intel is focused on computers while Samsung is all about mobile. If anything, the South Korean giant will only expand its focus to include “automotive and AI”.

If there was a decisive factor to their success, that would be “the Memory business that manufactures DRAM and NAND.” How long will their luck last? It all depends on the competition this year and Samsung’s ability to retain interest even as the stock of those components stabilizes, after being in short supply in 2017.

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