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Intel Sets A New Record With Most UAVs Airborne Simultaneously

Intel set a Guinness World Record

Intel is just starting to “play” with drones. After releasing the first UAV under its name, Falcon 8+,  the company has developed a drone made specifically for entertainment purposes. With 500 such drones in the air, it established a new Guinness World Record. #actionmagic

Intel offered Germans quite the show, lighting up their night sky with hundreds of small drones. The super light-weight Shooting Star drones were choreographed to ascend one after another and make the Intel logo out of light. While Batman uses a searchlight to send the Bat Signal (at least in the comic book universe), Intel has a swarm of drones on its side.

The drones can access a variety of color combinations, making it possible for them to recreate other logos or add some sparkle to a themed party. Intel announced the company can recreate the event or prepare other mid-night shows in U.S also. The FAA has given them a Part 107 Waiver to fly the drones as fleet with one pilot.

Check out the making of the show in Germany below:

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