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These Leaked Fitbit Blaze 2 Renders Show Apple-Like Design

fitbit-blaze 2 leaked renders

Wareable has posted a few images that are supposedly leaked renders for the Fitbit Blaze 2, the next smartwatch from Fitbit. #objectmagic

The new Fitbit design, if it’s indeed real, looks very sleek and a bit Apple-like, although it also bears resemblance to the Pebble.

As you might recall, Fitbit bought Pebble after the former company struggled to gain significant market share. From the leaked Fitbit Blaze 2 renders, it seems they’re really targeting female audience. According to Wareable’s source, Fitbit “wants this to be something that will appeal to a larger, more general smartwatch audience.“

We’re not so sure about the pink denim-printed bracelet, but the matte gray one does look good.

fitbit-blaze 2 leaked renders

According to the leak, the Fitbit Blaze 2 has the same FitbitOS and Sp02 oxygen-monitoring and sleep apnea sensor as the Fitbit Ionic. It will also be waterproof up to 50 m. However, it won’t have GPS, something that will reflect into a somewhat lower price.

If you don’t wanna wait for the Fitbit 2, check out the recently revealed Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition.

fitbit-adidas-ionic edition

It has the same Ionic features but pleases fans with an Adidas-branded watch face, wristbands and Train app for runners. We’re particularly loving the water-resistant, perforated wristband for improved airflow.

You can pick up the Fitbit Ionic Adidas-themed smartwatch on March 19th for $329.

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