Ready Player One Premieres At SXSW With DTS:X

Spielberg did it again! His latest movie Ready Player One is about to become another huge success for the director, especially because it brings about the most immersive experience you could imagine, sound included. South by Southwest film festival visitors got a chance to see (and listen) to it last night, in Austin #realitymagic

The hype for Ready Player One began last year, when the official trailer of the movie debuted showing the insights of a dystopian society where the only form of entertainment and escape from the barren, real world is in VR. OASIS is the virtual world created by James Halliday. The protagonist will discover that the more he explores it, the closer he gets to the Easter Egg hidden by Halliday. If he reaches it before the other players, he could inherit the founder’s vast fortune.

Last year, we pointing out how HTC and Warner Bros. partnered up to bring the VR experiences from the book and now the movie out there, in the real world. Now, the movie premiered at SXSW and Yue told us “people lined up 5 hours ahead of time!” The excitement can be easily explained – while there is no A-list cast, you do have Spielberg, a legend in the movie world, at the helm, a budget of $200 million and special effects that took 2 years to finalize!

Also, it’s VR! The visual effects are immersive by nature in such an action-packed movie but if you couple that with the subject, you get an “Inception” feeling. Plus, Ready Player One will debut in cinemas with the embodiment of immersive sound, DTS:X audio. Surprising? Not really; Jurrasic Park put DTS on the map so for the director, this collaboration comes natural.

The movie will play in theaters around the world this March 29. Don’t be surprised if you come out of the theater not sure whether you’re in the virtual or real world, the movie is all about blurring the line between the two.

In fact, the excitement that follows VR everywhere could be felt in the air at SXSW, this year, as well. “Many exhibitors showcased their latest projects through immersive installations (Westworld built an entire theme park), while others (with smaller budgets) used VR to demonstrate their immersive worlds”, Yue added.

Interesting fact – VR was also mentioned in the context of social responsibility. How would you use virtual reality to make this world a better place? 

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