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Researchers Create Affordable Touch-Sensitive Paper

An eInk tablet is pretty great, but we can’t say the same about a price tag that crosses the $600 threshold. Fortunately, these researchers have created an amazing, cost-effective digital paper.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers came up with a touch-sensitive paper that could be the cheapest way to digitize writing – just $0.30 per sheet.

To achieve this, the researchers added conductive materials to regular paper: a carbon-loaded plastic sheet adheres to the paper and carbon loaded paint that can be sprayed on.

Once you attach a sensor board to the paper with the conductive layers, you get a digital sheet that really allows you to be creative.

Touch it with a finger, a pen or a stylus, and it essentially becomes a “Moleskine” version of a Kindle. The researchers demonstrated a few applications, from grading tests to improving a board game.

“We believe this illuminates one possible approach for achieving low-cost, interactive, paper-based experiences in the future,” they said.

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