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Revolutionary Gimbal Records Super Smooth Footage Of “Top Gun” Jet In Air

A Top Gun-like experience took place once again, this time in Sweden. Nobody was shooting for the movie’s sequel, yet the feeling was the same. A multi-role fighter jet was captured in mid-air, slashing the clouds, with remarkable precision and extraordinary stabilization by a first of its kind gimbal #actionmagic

Aerial filming company Blue Sky needed rock solid images for its client, Saab Defence and Security, that wanted to show the true force and amazing capabilities of their fighter jet,  Gripen. Soon, they realized they didn’t dispose of a gyro-stabilized 5-axis system, since the majority available on the market are for helicopter use, at the speed of 125 knots. The jet, though, was going at over 300 knots, pulling 2.5Gs!

So, Gyro-stabilized Systems came to the rescue. They built GSS 520, a gimbal steady enough to deliver perfect image in those conditions. Mounted on the weapons station of a fighter, it captured Gripen in flight with Red Dragon 6K and Canon 30-300mm lens.

“Picture was transmitted via the Paralinx Tomahawk HD inside the cockpit to a Atomos 7” recorder/monitor. Despite the fact it was -20C (-4 F ) on ground and probably much colder in the air, everything went flawlessly.”

Peter Degerfeldt, pilot, says he really pulled out all the stops, in order to test the gimbal’s limits: “We tried to provoke the gyro with high speeds, banking, pulling 2.5 Gs, even during a roll it was rock steady.”

See for yourself the extraordinary feat in the video above!

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