Robot Assembles Ikea Chair Faster Than Any Happy Couple

Another day, another job lost to a robot. These robotic arms programmed by engineers from Singapore can put together a STEFAN Ikea chair kit faster than any person or couple working in tandem.

The robot did this without throwing a fit like most of us would, when the straightforward instructions we rely on prove undecipherable. Or put our partner’s patience and love to the test.

No, the two robotic arms used 3D cameras and force sensors to quickly assemble a chair, with no instructions in sight. The engineers simply laid out the individual pieces in a random pattern, and the robots went to work.

To achieve this, the robotic arms had to be outfitted with pressure sensors because, as you know, industrial robots pack a punch and Ikea furniture is a bit flimsy.

You can read more about how these robots managed to put together an Ikea “puzzle” in perfect harmony here.

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