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Snap Gives Spectacles Another Shot

snap spectacles

Snap wants to give wearable cameras one more try and relaunch Snap Spectacles.

The rumor is backed up by an FCC listing spotted by Variety – it just mentions a “wearable video camera” application, with no further details.

However, knowing how much Snap believed in Spectacles, it stands to reason that Snapchat’s maker will try one more time to gain mainstream adoption.

While Spectacles were pretty good looking, allowed the insertion of prescription lenses, and had an amazing marketing campaign, Snapchat users did not… snap at the opportunity to buy a pair.

The original Snap Spectacles let you capture 10-second videos by simply tapping a side button, sync-ing automatically with your phone via Wi-Fi. The catch was that the video footage was circular, thanks to a 115-degree lens, which could account for the lack of mainstream adoption.

Perhaps the Spectacles 2.0 will have a classic video format and a much better resolution. That could really sell the idea of filming your life, on-the-go, without having to carry a camera around.

If the new Spectacles preserve the same $129 price tag, they could really enter the wearables market.

Snap has to yet make an official announcement, though. At the moment, they are keeping mum about this report.

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