Swiss Post Will Start Testing Self-Driving Robots And Drones

Australians got a taste of what Domino’s robot-delivery pizza is like and now, it’s the Swiss Post turn.  After testing drone deliveries, Switzerland’s postal office is checking out six-wheeled bots for small packages transport #machinemagic

Next month, Swiss Post will put Starship Technologies‘ self-driving robots at work. At first, the bots will carry dummy packages on a 3.1 mile radius.  If folks react as expected, they’ll consider giving robots real responsibilities. As opposed to humans, these guys could take 24-hour shifts without stop. Their LED lights help pedestrians notice them, while the forward motion lighting keeps drivers alert and helps robots’ cameras notice obstacles after sunset.

Customers can specify a delivery time for the bot and it will make it safely to their door, guided by an on-board GPS location system. Once it reaches an address, it will open the containment unit as the password is provided by the customer. The dispatch center can track it constantly thanks to the GPS system.

Starship Technologies robots are tested for delivery purposes in Great Britain and Germany and you’ll be seeing them in Washington, D.C., this fall.

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