Tesla Fails Better Business Bureau Review, Gets F Grade


Tesla got slammed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for failing to resolve customer complaints.

The BBB gave Tesla an “F” after the electric vehicle manufacturer only satisfactorily resolved 23 out of 65 official complaints. Even worse, of the remaining complaints, Tesla responded to ten of them without offering any adequate solution and in 15 cases, the company said nothing at all.

“They’re a fine company, they make fine products. We just don’t want companies to ignore consumers,” said Steve McFarland, the Chief Executive of the BBB in the Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

However, Tesla’s not taking the BBB failing grade to heart, saying that they have the “highest customer satisfaction ratings in the entire auto industry, and it’s not even close.”

All things considered, the truth might fall somewhere in the middle. A lot of reputable tech companies, Google included, have gotten an “F” for how they handled various customer complaints. After all, Tesla appears to care for its customers as it is voluntarily recalling 123,000 Model S cars in order to make them safer.

“While we can always do even better, the BBB numbers are based on a tiny number of customer issues dating back several years, most of which were resolved a long time ago. Everything we’ve achieved is due in large part to the goodwill of our customers, so this is something we care deeply about,” remarked Tesla.

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