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3 Tips To Minimize Reflections When Taking Photos Through Windows

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You probably tried more than once to take photos during train trips or walks through historic centers. Unfortunately, each time reflections destroyed your hard work. The truth is windows shops, observatory decks and train windows are among the hardest objects to photograph through. If you can’t resist the temptation, you should at least have at hand some useful gear and practical tips:

1.Use a polarizer filter. Usually, when trying to photograph window shops, the images come out full of reflections from outside lights. With this filter though, many of them can be eliminated ASAP. Put a circular one on the lens and turn it until they just disappear.

2.If you want to take photos of food displays at an angle, for instance, you have to protect the lens with a hood. Choose a rubber one and seal the space between the lens and the glass. This way, you won’t get any reflection interference and you have all the room in the world to move the camera and the angle.

3.Sometimes, lens hoods won’t work, especially if there are two panes of glass protecting the interior, like at an observation deck. There, you have to take your tripod with you. Put it close to the floor, but not above ambient lights, and cover it with a black cloth, like a jacket. This is supposed to, again, create a seal around the camera so no lights can reach the windows.

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