$399 Apple Over-Ear Headphones Are Probably Nearing Launch
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$399 Apple Over-Ear Headphones Are Probably Nearing Launch

beats studio 3

Apple over-ear headphones have been a rumor even before the company purchased Beats but, outside of the Beats by Dre brand, no such products were released.

That’s apparently about to change, according to YouTuber Jon Prosser and other sources.

According to them, Apple over-ear headphones showed up in Target’s product database as a $399 “Apple AirPods (X Generation)” with three SKUs.

That might mean the AirPods in question will be available in three different colors, which would be nice, but would create even more competition to that other Apple offering, the Beats Studio 3 pictured above.


AppleInsider also contacted some Target sources, who confirmed that placeholders like these are common for products about to be released in the last month.

They also say that the marketing name might not be the one Apple will go for when the headphones release.

If you are to consider last month’s prediction from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who mentioned a “high-end Bluetooth headphone”, the Apple over-ear headphones seem to be all but confirmed.

However, there’s a minuscule chance they could simply be a new, premium variant of AirPods, but the $399 is pretty high for wireless earbuds (even for Apple, hopefully!).

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