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This Stylish 3D Printed House Was Completely Built in Just a Week

Affordable housing is at the forefront of a lot of initiatives today and 3D printing is still one of the most promising technologies that could deliver that. This was once again proven by an engineering firm, ARUP, which collaborated with architecture studio CLS Architetti to create a 3D-Printed home that can be brought to complete livable standards in a single week!

And no, it’s not tiny, since it measures 100 square meters and features both multiple bathrooms and a roof terrace.

Exhibited during the Milan design week under the name of boring “3D Housing 05”, this 3D printed house with curved walls (kinda like that dome 3D printed by MIT) was admired by passers-by in the Milan Piazza Cesare Beccaria.

Each curved wall was printed by a robot provided by Dutch company Cybe Construction in just 60 to 90 minutes, using a recycled and recyclable concrete mix that cures in just five minutes. The rest of the time was probably spent making the interior of this 100 square meter house look impossibly minimalistic and stylish.

Massimiliano Locatelli, its principal architect, said that 3D printing such a home costs 1,000 euros per square meter, about half the price of a traditional construction, and predicts that those costs could drop to as low as 200 euros. That’s around $230 per 10 square feet, so it’s affordable housing indeed!

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