Microsoft and Apple Work Together To Fix iCloud Bug in Windows 10

Microsoft and Apple Work Together To Fix iCloud Bug in Windows 10


The Microsoft October Update might as well be called the Updategeddon at this point, because it seems to be riddled with bugs that just keep coming.

The newest one on the list required Microsoft to join forces with Apple in order to tackle it – apparently Apple has identified an incompatibility with iCloud for the Windows version, which causes users to experience issues with both syncing photo albums as well as updating.

The two companies are working together to solve the issue and, at the moment, PC’s with iCloud are currently blocked from installing the latest Windows 10 update.

If you do try to install it regardless, you will be getting a warning telling you that Windows does not support that particular iCloud version.

Users are encouraged not to attempt to update manually until the issue is fixed, though neither Windows or Apple have given any hint about when the fix will become available.

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