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5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To iOS 9.3 Today


Today, Apple announced the “most powerful 4-inch phone” – iPhone SE and the iPad Pro with 9.7 inch display.  Both are equipped with the most advanced camera system – 12 MP iSight camera, Focus Pixels and True Tone technology – and other goodies you will surely appreciate but before you line up to get one of these 2 devices, there’s something you should do if you own an Apple device. The company released a new iOS update today and if you check Settings – General, it’s sure to be there. Why 300MB of storage? For these 5 reasons:

  1. Update 9.3 fixes a serious encryption flaw when sending iMessages. Discovered by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, it exposed media you sent through the service to third parties. So, if you’d rather keep embarassing videos and photos to yourself, update soon.
  2. You get the F.lux functionality from within the device. Night Shift adjusts brighteness and color temperature according to the time of the day so it goes easier on your eyes. If you’re prone to late night reading or email checking, this update might help your vision a lot.
  3. Use CarPlay? Then you’ll like this new update: recommendations of restaurant, gas stations, hospitals and other depending on your location.
  4. If you’re prone to writing essential information quickly in Notes, then you need extra protection. In iOS 9.3, you can secure your thoughts with passwords (numerical codes) or Touch ID.
  5. Extended 3D Touch navigation means more tools from your iPhone can be accessed seamlessly. Press the Settings icon to the middle and the Wi-Fi, Bluettoth and battery setting show up automatically. There are gems to discover, too.

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