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6 Things You Can Photograph On Cloudy Days And Get Great Results

cloudy photography

Spring weather can ruin your plans to experiment with your camera outdoors. Cloudy days and sudden showers will make your pictures look bland and completely destroy your setup. So, what can you do? Practice photography in a month or too? No, take advantage of every free moment you have. Simply take some pics indoors, once you figure out what are those things that look good in less-than-ideal setups. Here are just six of them, to get you started #fotomagic

The easiest things to capture on camera, when there’s little to no natural light, are lit candles. I know, it’s a pretty obvious suggestion, even if flames don’t strike us as ideal camera subjects. The darker the room is, the better, right? But instead of creating a gloomy mood using the light candles spread, focus on the flames. Play with different exposure lengths and see how each affects the overall exposure of the picture. Put a couple near a window, while it’s raining outside, and see how the reflection of the flames “play” with the raindrops.

Another idea is to focus on the flowers in your vase. If you already have a colorful bouquet in the living room, start playing with different apertures. If not, get a bunch of colored ones and a couple white, too. This way, you’ll have the means to properly expose the picture.

After seeing hundreds of food shots on Instagram, you’ve probably realized this type of pictures look amazing even in low-light conditions. So, take your camera and start practicing with different products, textures and colors. Don’t just take a close-up of your plate – create. Do some food styling of your own and discover new ways of presenting appetizing foods. This type of shots will require some post processing, which is great if you want to learn more in Photoshop.

Food shots are not your thing? Your pet surely is. Animals are so beautiful, they almost can’t spoil a picture. While most owners take pictures of their pets outside, you can follow your pet’s routine indoors. Adjust the settings to make sure its fur, eyes and best features stand out and start taking photos. Don’t stress about getting the ideal pose – pets are not as obedient as humans.

indoor photography interiors

Finally, look around you – what corner of your house looks especially charming? What modern piece of furniture would look great on camera? Sure, natural light makes interiors look divine, but artificial lighting can also do a decent job.

Start seeing cloudy days as opportunities, not wasted time. Make the most of them  and your skills will improve in no time!

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