A Remote Worker Was Locked Out Of Her Computer For Going to the Kitchen, Then Fired For Speaking Out On TikTok

The downside of remote work? In some cases, the surveillance employers use to keep their workers in check.

Now, a series of viral videos on TikTok reveal just how dangerous remote work surveillance is.

TikToker Michae Jay (@_michaethemua) posted a video showing how she lost her job after getting up from her desk to cook something in the kitchen.

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Once she got up, Michae saw a message on her laptop saying “NOT AT DESK Action Applied. Please get approval from Supervisor to retry,” alongside a photo of herself taken automatically by the webcam.

Upset that her laptop automatically locked her out for standing up and moving around the house, she posted a TikTok video that got more than 400,000 views.

Then, on Thursday, her employer, a customer service company contracted by fintech giant Klarna, announced her she was fired for posting the video on TikTok.

After the media was involved, with outlets like DailyDot covering the case, the TikToker was called into a Zoom meeting where she was informed she was suspended pending an investigation.

Finally, DailyDot found out from her that she was actually fired after all. 


Replying to @narcissistic__pisces

♬ original sound – MichaeJay

“Yes I feel like everything they are doing is out of retaliation of me speaking out about how unprofessional they are. They had me going back and forth to the job because they forgot to put cords in my box and said they would only pay me for 2 hours of tech time. When it took 4. Then they FIRED ME then called back and added me to a zoom and said OH YOU ARE NOT FIRED you are suspended then called me yesterday and said I’m fired,” she explained in a statement.

According to the outlet, Klarna is now investigating this case with the contractor company who employed Michae Jay.

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A Remote Worker Was Locked Out Of Her Computer For Going to the Kitchen, Then Fired For Speaking Out On TikTok
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