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Adam Savage Rips Into Google, Revealing How Bad the Search Engine Results Are Nowadays

Does it frustrate you when you go on Google to research something but the service simply won’t use all the search terms you inputted, instead spitting out useless results? Or maybe you tried to find some information but all the top results are endlessly repetitive drivel? 

Adam Savage from Mythbusters shares your pain – and has some savage words about the world’s biggest search engine. 

In an episode dubbed as a “rant on laser printers”, he instead ripped into Google for making it impossible to find the information he wanted. 

“The signal-to-noise ratio has surpassed 1,” he said, referring to the junk Google results he saw. 

Adam Savage was looking for a “large format laser printer”. Instead, the Google results he got were mostly low quality ads and referral sites where the price of the products wasn’t mentioned, sites which he says are very likely procedurally generated. The few non-ads results were no better. Even though he wanted a laser printer, the articles he saw were about inkjet plotters. 

Did this ever happen to you? 

You could always try a Google search alternative from this list. 

Google Alternatives: Search Engines To Try

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Adam Savage Rips Into Google, Revealing How Bad the Search Engine Results Are Nowadays
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