Adobe Teases Style Transfer, Distortion Correction for Selfie Editing In Photoshop Fix App

adobe photoshop fix app

Yesterday, Adobe showed us what the future would hold for portrait photography using Adobe Sensei. The company uploaded a promising video of a “mystery app” powered by their artificial intelligence and machine learning framework. But it wasn’t a new app at all. Style transfer, distortion correction and other exciting features presented in the video were, in fact, on their way to Adobe Photoshop Fix app #fotomagic

Adobe Research is behind the video showcasing how machine learning and artificial intelligence could change the way we edit images in Photoshop Fix. The team has been playing with ideas for selfie retouching and believe they can turn terrible selfies in great self-portraits.

“By combining perspective effect editing, automatic, software-only photo masking, and photo style transfer technology, we’re able to transform a typical selfie into a flattering portrait”, they wrote yesterday about a demo of Photoshop Fix powered by Adobe Sensei:

In the video you can see how Liquify could work in your favor by correcting distortions and warping. The company says that you could do photo masking to adjust the depth of field and even transfer the style of a particular photo to your selfie. The demo is certainly impressive but since we’re talking about the future here, there’s no telling when this updates could take place in Photoshop Fix.

Adobe Sensei works with the Creative Cloud, refining features such as content-aware fill, re-creating fonts after seeing a certain type and even “changing expressions” by manipulating the face with eyebrows and lips landmarks. The framework should also be of use when you edit documents, by creating form fields and including fonts and also, do predictive modeling for those who want to stay ahead of market changes.

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