This Night Vision Camera Footage Looks Like It Was Shot During The Day

x27 night vision camera

Night conditions have made the life of photographers, videographers and even business owners a living hell. In pitch black, cameras are able to capture shapes but colors are lost on them. At least, that’s what we thought until we saw X27, a color night vision camera, in action #securemagic

Developed by Sierra Pacific Innovations for military purposes, X27 is described as a “true gen 4 color night vision low light sensor imaging system.” Thanks to a low noise, real time 60hz HD detector, the camera can show night time images as if they were taken during the day. Instead of viewing an environment in infrared or thermal, the camera is able to give back the colors of the objects, places and people filmed in total darkness.

Thanks to its advanced sensors array, the HD footage can serve security purposes, can be of help in the field of underwater imaging or forensics and even show a new side of astrophotography. During the night, the huge 5000000 equivalent ISO rating helps you see stars and constellations on a background of pale blue-grey sky:

SPI Corp. can integrate the camera system with other technologies, like thermal IR image fusion and thermal Flir technology. They do state this tech can also be used in cinematography, so who knows?! Maybe we’ll see such badass equipment on the market in the following years.

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