Aero, A Foldable E-Bike That Takes You To Work Without Breaking A Sweat

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For those mornings when you’re running late and can’t seem to find a cab, French startup Weebot suggests you take Aero. Aero is an electric bike that can take you to work in no time (and without breaking a sweat) #objectmagic

An electric bike is what you probably need if you hate spending money on cabs or cycling like a maniac to get in time to work. If you find a foldable one, you’re golden – no need to worry about parking spot, either. If you don’t, check Weebot’s offer – Aero. This e-bike is powered by Panasonic lithium batteries for a maximum range of 45 miles and can reach 22mph! In fact, Aero comes in two models. The first is useful if you’ve never gone on an e-bike before and if you’re not usually in a big of a hurry. Aero Plus helps you reach 15 miles per hour, no more. On the other hand, if you know things tend to get crazy fast in your life, go for the S model; this Aero guarantees a ride at maximum speed possible.

The rest of the features (dual rear disc, front and rear suspension, anti-skid system, 3 speed gear) are identical, no matter what Aero you choose. At the end of the right, you get to fold it in 3 seconds, no more. Simply lower the smaller wheels, fold the saddle and the handles and take it indoors. To store it vertically, you just need a safe corner; alternatively, you can pplace it horizontally under your desk.

The e-bike also features turn signals, lighting at the front and rear and an waterproof LCD screen that shows distance, speed and the battery life you are left with. Aero comes in three colors – black, blue and red – and is available for pre-order on IndieGogo.  Early bird price? $850 for the Plus version and $950 for the S model.

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